Crepe Crazy Food Cart

Usual location:
SW Corner of 5th & Congress
Austin, TX 78701

It was a beautiful day in Austin yesterday and a friend and I decided to walk around the Domain, an outdoor mall. They had a holiday event of some sort going on complete with face painting and balloon animals for the kids, gift and food vendors and live music for all. We spied a creperie food cart that I’ve been stalking for a while now but haven’t had a chance to taste. Friend and I were walking around the Domain as a baby step towards working out so we thought it best we just split one. Yes, we take our exercising very seriously.

The people running Crepe Crazy are hearing impaired so do be aware. You’ll have to point at the menu to tell them what you want and also keep an eye on the person making you your crepe. He may point at a few ingredients to make sure you want the add-on (in our case, it was an affirmative to the whipped cream!).

Friend and I mulled over the menu and decided on the Sweet Cheese Delight Crepe for $6.50.

Sweet Cheese Delight: Sweet cheese, strawberries, homemade raspberry sauce, powdered sugar and whipped cream. Pictured with a free sample of Creme Brulee Frap from Starbucks

It was delectable! A wonderful treat to share with a friend outside on an cool Autumn day.

I hope you guys are enjoying the tail end of your weekend. I’m off to catch a matinee with my little from Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America.

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  • J’adore les crepes! Elles sont tres delicieuses! The #3 savory veggie one looks pretty delectable.

  • Now you made me drool. Just today I asked my mum to make some pancakes for me and she refused :(

  • Linda

    @Beth – everything sounds so romantic in French :) I envy your language skills!

    @Nino – I can practically hear her say, “Make your own pancakes, Nino!”

  • The problem is, I can’t. They usually fall apart or get burned -_- I really suck at making pancakes, while she’s an amazing cook :P

  • I suck at pancakes too! My boyfriend is amazing at cooking pancakes, but he’s in France right now until March :(. Who’s gonna make me pancakes?

  • See, Linda? Beth has the same problem. You would not believe how many of us are out there. It’s a shame, though, that nobody will openly admit. Everyone pretends they’re great at making pancakes. What’s the deal with them? Make the batter, pour the batter in the pan, flip the cake and voila. But it’s not so easy, ok? Who wants to come out of the closet? Nobody. Yeah, I did it. And Beth followed. Soon there will be more of us. So be ready for that :P

    • Linda

      Beth & Nino,
      Confession, I’ve never made pancakes! I make delicous sweet crepes and love making them but now I’m wondering if I’ll be a big giant failure with pancakes. Another confession: I’ve never finished one pancake. When it comes to pancakes, I’m usually a taster.. It’s too heavy for me for breakfast and I find I rather stuff myself with eggs and bacon and sausage then weigh myself down with dough. :) Though I love the specially flavored pancakes! Also can’t wait to try a coconut pancake. Mm.

      – Linda

  • Your site always makes me hungry… a breakfast crepe would be so yummy right now. And I applaud your discretion although I don’t know how you had the will power to split a crepe!

  • mef

    Omg I really want to try some of the savory crepes. That menu looks so good.

  • SuzieFrogASL

    Their crepes are AMAZING!! Happy to see some recognition for them!! I have a sweet tooth so I haven’t tried any of the ‘regular’ crepes w/meat and veggies, yet- but I will soon.
    P.S. Just an FYI: In America, “deaf” is actually the preferred term! Lowercase ‘deaf’ to mean hearing loss, capitalize “Deaf” to show participation in the Deaf Community. (‘Hearing impaired’ may seem like the PC term but the members of the deaf community prefer “deaf” or “hard-of-hearing”- if a distinction is necessary)

  • SuzieFrogASL

    Oh- Here is their website!