Crave Cupcakes

Crave Cupcakes

1151-06 Uptown Park Blvd
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 622-7283

The esteemed cupcakery that is Crave Cupcakes in Houston has quite a following. I finally scoped it out last weekend with Kim as my gracious guide and I have to say a lot (not all) of the hoopla seems to be good marketing, great location, and lack of cupcake competition in Houston. The cupcake competition in Austin is much higher, yielding in my opinion, better qualities cupcakes. Crave does have decent cupcakes, the icing is a bit overpowering (except for the dark chocolate cupcake I sampled), the cake flavors and textures were almost too muted (again, save the dark chocolate cupcake). However, they do get a gold star for packaging and presentation. The cupcakes are SO cute! Little prissy things. I’m usually not a fan of priss but when done in miniature, like a little girl’s Easter dress or a cupcake, it does elicit a few coos of adoration. Look how darling these are.

Crave Cupcakes

Flavors I sampled with the lovely Kim: Dark Chocolate (winner!), Pumpkin, Strawberry (has chucks of strawberry in the batter which was a nice touch!), and Banana. All priced at $3.25 a piece.

Inside the establishment, it’s quite a mad house and not the warm, cozy kind of bakery I’m used to. Rather, it feels like a cupcake factory. You can see the bakers through glass and behind the counter cranking out the babies in quite an efficient and busy manner. Though their factory line is not warm and cozy, it does possess a little bit of magic. Reminds me of little elves at a workshop. Look for hints of them in the next three photos below.

Crave Cupcakes

Crave Cupcakes

Crave Cupcakes

A photo of the line…

Crave Cupcakes
Kim’s first!

Crave Cupcakes
Another close up on our loot.

Crave Cupcakes
You can probably guess which cupcake is which flavor, can’t you?

All in all, it’s not bad. It’s cute. It’s convenient. And right now Crave is definitely cashing in on the lack of competition in Houston.

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  • Tracey

    Linda – i need for you to meet another blogger friend – this one does food drawings and she just started
    Check her out at maybe she can illustrate a post for you?

  • a cupcake STORE? i have not yet lived, apparently. O.o

    • Linda

      tracey – okie dokie ill check out her blog :)

      matthew/BigShowAtUD – hi there! better get to living! haha your location sounds a little limiting …

  • Cindy

    Whoa whoa…ok, you HAVE to tell me what are the good cupcake joints in Austin. Because those dark chocolate cupcakes at Crave are like crack to me, and I obviously haven’t experienced REAL cracky cupcakes yet. :)

  • oh my God. They look gorgeous enough to keep them for show and not gobble them down!

    • Linda

      lol yes don’t they? so cute. i wouldn’t mind displaying them on my fireplace mantle!

      thanks for stoping by, dear!
      – Linda

  • So is it better than hey cupcake! I was gonna try out Crave next time in Houston!

    • Linda

      Hi diana!
      i prefer Crave over Hey Cupcake! but Hey Cupcake! is my least favorite in Austin…

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