Citizen Eatery in Austin

Citizen Eatery Inspires with Beautiful Vegetarian Fare

Citizen Eatery in Austin

Citizen Eatery

5011 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

I am trying to turn a new leaf and eat more veggies, guys. Pun apologetically intended. I’m not someone who minds her health when she eats but I want to become that person. More plants. Less fried things. So it was with curiosity and slight trepidation, I went to Citizen Eatery, a new vegetarian establishment with an airy interior. I left feeling silly for my initial reluctance, proud of eating my veggies, and excited for the delicious and healthy addition to the neighborhood!

Citizen Eatery in Austin
The Nest; two poached eggs over fried veggie noodles, over wilted kale; $8.5

I kept stealing bites of the fried veggie noodles from this dish while it was being photographed by me and Austin Food Magazine. I know I said less fried things but they use olive and coconut oils and it’s served on a bed of wilted kale! I could happily make this entree a meal any day. You can request a side of their house-made green chili sauce to give it an extra kick.

Citizen Eatery in Austin
Californian Toast; avocado, aspargus, and fried egg; $5

This was my safe order. Adding asparagus to the on-trend avocado toast is a good move.

Citizen Eatery in Austin
Smoked Green Chili Burger; burger patty made with white beans, hatch green chilis, mushrooms, and Citizen grain mix, &9; ordered with added fries for an extra $2.5

Even if you don’t order a burger, definitely order some fries for your table. I got the mix of russet and sweet potato fries and kept snatching the fries in between photography shots. I also loved their vegan ketchup. I could make a meal of these fries too! The burger, though perfectly fine, was my least favorite. (Most vegetarian burgers just make me crave the real thing.)

Citizen Eatery in Austin
Bitters Salad; salad with rocket (arugula), endive, radicchio, chick peas, olives, citrus vinaigrette; $10

Last, and most surprising is the Bitters Salad. One of the owners, Aimee Walden Moyer brought this to our table. It was a work of art. The colors and the edible flowers were beautiful. I told her honestly that my favorite lettuce is arugula, and she told me in England they call it “rocket”, which is a superior name. She playfully commanded us to eat this salad before leaving us. I looked at Hayden of Austin Food Magazine and sighed. “Great, now I’m pressured to like this salad.” I used to call salads without meats or croutons “rabbit food”. So I forked some rabbit food and tasted the salad. With shock, I could not stop shoveling this leafy salad into my mouth. I made perfect bites of leaves to balance the salt of olives and chickpeas. This salad made me revel in the joy of discovering new pleasures.

Citizen Eatery in Austin

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m so happy to have Citizen Eatery so close to me and would visit again and again.

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  • FoodieIsTheNewForty

    How gorgeous are these photos? This is right by my house and we are so going. I also forwarded this to my neighbor/friend who is a vegetarian – betting she is going to hurry over there!

    • I think you’d really like it! But where shall we go on Wednesday?! :D

  • I feel the same way about salads. I need all of the toppings. :)

    • the saltier, the crunchier, the better!