Cake Inspiration Pt 2: Flowers

My aspiring cake decorator roommate went to a cake show and has sweetly allowed me to share the cakes she saw on my blog. Here are the flowery cakes.

Prettily detailed. This was one of my roommate’s favorite because of the piping details.

I do like the structure. The color pallete is a little questionable to me.

Looking at this cake brings me peace. I just sigh in admiration.

My favorite color! If I ever throw a purple themed birthday party, I want this cake.

Ew. Too busy. Gaudy. I do like the fans. Maybe I’ll love this cake if you just took off all those flowers.

Black flowers. Really? Yuck!!

Too flowery for me.

This concludes the flower cakes! Next up, animals :)

Part one: Sci Fi / Fantasy