Bowl of Cherries

I’m still not moved but am pretty much packed. I have more than 50 boxes. MORE THAN FIFTY! It took me all day yesterday to do over 40 of the boxes. My shoulders are killing me. Si Nae and Stephen helped me a bit last night. The movers were suppose to come at 1pm today and it’s almost 2pm. Poor souls’ truck broke down so they say it may be several hours for me. Their truck broke down with another client’s stuff ALL up in it. It must suck to be movers in Texas in the summer as we’ve been in the 100s the last 2 weeks straight. I can’t imagine being movers with a broken truck.

I do hope that I get moved today as I need to be out tomorrow.

I’m eating Greek yogurt with honey right now. Delicious. I don’t even like yogurt. You should look into it.

Edit: 7:00 pm: Movers are still not here. I’m kind of nervous. That’s 6 hours late so far.

Meanwhile, I had another serving of that Greek yogurt. This time it was half a serving of yogurt with half a serving of cherries. Perfect summer snack. Brandi, my new roommate is making us Hamburger Helper with zucchini. I haven’t had hamburger helper since sophomore year of college.

This is what’s outside our 3rd floor balcony. Brandi’s mom says it’s probably a crape myrtle tree.

Edit: 9:00pm. They’re unloading right now :)

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