7 Portes is a Must for Your Barcelona, Spain Trip

Passeig d’Isabel II, 14
08003 Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 193 033

You can’t visit Spain and not try sangria, jamón ibérico, and paella. You just can’t. Sugarface and I knocked off all three must tries at 7 Portes during our week in Barcelona. Our Airbnb host, a Barcelonian local, cited 7 Portes as the purveyor of her favorite paella. I’m so happy we heeded her advice because our dinner there tied for my favorite meal in Barcelona, a great feat given that I enjoyed everything I ate in the city!

We started with orders of beer, sangria, and this delicate and heavenly plate of jamón ibérico and melon.

Barcelona: 7 Portes

We followed with a grilled variety of squid, all cooked to the perfect texture.

Barcelona: 7 Portes

Lastly, the main reason why we came, the paella! There were a few different kinds you can order. I picked the Rich Man’s Seafood Paella, which comes with a variety of seafood.

Barcelona: 7 Portes

Our server, also a a store window designer by trade, did such a beautiful job plating our paella that I couldn’t resist another capture. That’s a baby lobster tail, as darling as it was tenderly delicious.

Barcelona: 7 Portes

I loved how all the dishes complemented each other in their depths and flavors. The jamón and melon, so thinly sliced, they almost melted in our mouths. The grilled squid was subtle and light in flavor. And finally the paella with its comforting and heavy richness. Combine these dishes with fine weather, dining under romantic twinkle lights, a handsome dinner date, and a day spent sightseeing on our first bike ride together? It’s almost too much!

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