Bacon Takedown at Emos

It’s midnight on a Monday night and I’m still reeling with a delirious afterglow (or hangover?) from the 20 something bacon recipes I sampled from Sunday’s Bacon Takedown. The culinary concotions ranged from savory quesdillas (courtesy of Jose Ralat Malonado ) to sweet Bacon Toffee (courtesy Epicuriosities). I bought tickets to this event as part of my birthday gift to Brandi. I have to say, it was just as much a gift to myself as it was to her! We were in Bacon HEAVEN. There wasn’t one thing we did not enjoy (except for the Bacon Bloody Mary but I suspect it’s because we do not like Bloody Mary’s to begin with.

What is Bacon Takedown?

Well it’s a chilli cook off tradition started up in 2005 by few New Yorkers that has gone wonderfully astray and in their words, “off-topic” with such themes as bacon, cookies, and salsa! To Austinite’s delight, The Chilli-Takedown hosted a Bacon Takedown at Emo’s this past Sunday. Click here to read their blog write up and read who were the winners.

My thoughts on The Bacon Takedown

What an heavenly experience! As mentioned, everything ranged from pretty good to oh-my-God,-what-did-I-just-put-in-my-mouth-and-what-can-I-do-to-keep-it-there-forever? Some highlights for me: Bacon Sticky Toffee Pudding with Bacon Caramel Cake which was the first thing that blew me away, the Bacon Brulee which was my 2nd favorite, and my absolute favorite was called King’s Snack: Bacon cups filled with peanut butter chocolate pudding, topped with banana with a maple glaze. If I could love a piece of bacon, it’s bacon cupping peanut butter chocolate pudding topped with a banana slice. I’m fo real.

Honorable Mentions (in my opinion) were the items that were super delicious and that I would eat in my everyday life everyday but it didn’t fulfil my Bacon Fantasies. It didn’t push my bacon envelope. These two Honorable Mentions were the Bacon Avocado Salad on Toast and the Crack Bacon Tacos which were bacon and cheese wrapped in homemade tortillas that were fried with bacon fat and get this, drizzled with Maple Blueberry Glaze. These tacos actually won the Judges’ first pick and I was quite pleased.

Without further adieu, I present the bacon porn.

avocado bacon salad and bacon taco
Avocado Bacon Salad and Bacon Taco (taco won first place). The blueberry maple glaze went very well with the bacon!

Bacon Sticky Toffee Pudding with Bacon Caramel Cake
Bacon Sticky Toffee Pudding w/ Bacon Caramel Cake

Bacon Trio

Bacon Wrapped Pearls
Bacon Wrapped around Water Chestnuts. I loved the crunch of the water chestnut.

Bacon Bloody Mary
Bacon Bloody Mary: bacon infused Tito’s, bacon infused Bloody Mary mix, bacon stuffed olives

Bacon Toffee
There were a few bacon and caramel entries but I have a thing about eating caramel. I’ll taste it but the stickiness of caramel doesn’t suit me. I just thought this toffee was beautiful even though I couldn’t finish it.

Bacon Wrapped Pearls
Here’s my number 1 pick! Bacon cups with chocolate peanut butter pudding topped with a maple glazed banana slice. I love reciting the ingredients to this. Brings me joy.

This concludes my take on the Bacon Takedown. If you bothered counting, these photos were not all inclusive. Honestly, I was so wrapped up in the joy of bacon that I sometimes only stopped to think about snapping a photo after it was too late and I had already swallowed.

Brandi & Me
Happy girls.