Avocados and Potatoes!

One of my favorite blogs (Jordan Reid at NonSociety) is no longer online. Saddens me greatly not only because I have always enjoyed her updates, but also I lost the bookmark to her avocados and potatoes salad recipe. I tested the recipe and hadn’t had a chance to share it on the blog yet (sharing recipes on the blog helps me with ‘backing up’ recipes bookmarks and 3 x 5 cards.) So if memory serves, Jordan combined 4 ingredients to make a avocado and potato salad. Intrigued, Brandi and I bought some lemons, a couple of avocados, and a couple of potatoes.

I was making jambalaya while Brandi tackled this fun new recipe. She kind of eyeballed everything to taste.

– Peel and cube the potatoes and boil til tender.
– Sliced the avocados.
– When the potatoes are done, drain.
– Add the juice of a whole lemon.
– Add a bit olive oil.
– Mix.
– Add salt and peper and more lemon to taste.

potato avocado salad

Not only was this unique and delicious, but both Brandi and I were excited about the endless possibilities you can do with this simple base recipe. Several of our ideas are as follows:

– Add bacon and chives
– Add bits of grilled chicken
– Make this a mashed potato/avocado side instead of just mixing

I can’t wait to pair this with maybe chicken marsala.

Lastly there is one important tip we wanted to pass along. Don’t make TOO much of this because it does not keep/heat up well. The lemon juice, olive oil, and avocados kind of separate and make for a wet soppy goo when reheated after being in the fridge.

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