Girls’ Dinner at Alcomar


1816 S. 1st St
Austin, TX 78704

Almost five years ago I met Michelle, Julie, Shelley and Amy. We bonded over our passion for food and food writing. I knew the day I met Michelle that she was probably a kindred spirit when she slipped an iPad under the table to me and on it was a naked photo of Anthony Bourdain strategically holding a steak.

We make a point to meet up for dinner every few months to catch up on life happenings and this week we met at Alcomar. It’s always a joy eating with other food bloggers. There is no shyness about getting up from your seat and standing over someone else’s plate to take a photo. It’s understood that we will double-dip and often eat off each other’s plates. There’s an intimacy to how we eat that isn’t always present or even tolerated with the average eating companion.

I ordered the scallops and was pleased with my order. After nibbling and tasting the rest of the plates, I think Alcomar is a good addition to Austin’s seafood and Latin scene. Our server seemed slightly distracted (but polite!) which was in a small sense a distraction in itself. The quality of food was solid and strong enough to keep our attention despite the distraction. The scallops were my favorite and they came with a unique side of cauliflower flan. Amy really liked the cerviche (not pictured) and a few of us thought the crab cake was a little too bready.

Must orders: Scallops Veracruzana, Wood-Grilled Gulf Oysters, and Mushroom Gorditas.
Happy Hour: 3p-6p daily, check their website for happy hour prices

Complimentary Habanero Pumpkin Seed Salsa and Pickles

Crab & Guac; grilled pineapple, serrano puree; $13 / Wood-Grilled Gulf Oysters; mojo butter, bacon & manchego cheese; $14

Scallops Veracruzana; scallops, asparagus, cauliflower flan, served with tortillas; $29

Mushroom Gorditas; chipotle mushrooms, refried white beans, manchego cheese & guac; $10

Wood-Grilled Calamari; spinach, olives, caper mignonette; $12

Tortilla-Crusted Crab Cake; sweet potatoes, beets, crispy capers; $15

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  • FoodieIsTheNewForty

    Hee hee, I hope my parents don’t read this. ;) Your photos turned out beautiful, as always! Just. Like. You.

    • I hope mine don’t either! Ha!!


  • Errol Mortland

    Very nice!

    • Oh hi Errol! Thank you!

  • Good post, Linda! The scallops dish is the one I ordered and loved when I went too! I would recommend the crispy oysters and shrimp app also.

    • Noted! Thanks for the recommendations!

  • South Austin Foodie

    I’ve really enjoyed both ceviches, and thought the grilled calamari was awesome. I had the crabcake on my first visit in May, and it looked different than what you have pictured; it was also good and crabby! I hope they’re not taking shortcuts with ingredients! Oh the watermelon sangria at brunch is delish!

    • I’ve never had watermelon in sangria! I keep hearing they have great drink game! Will have to bring a designated driver next time. ;)